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Happy World Postcard Day

October 1, 2023

"In Austria-Hungary, Dr. Emanuel Herrmann (a professor of Economics from Vienna) wrote an article in the Neue Freie Presse pointing out that the time and effort involved in writing a letter was out of proportion to the size of the message sent. He suggested that a more practical and cheaper method should be implemented for shorter, more efficient communications.

His recommendations impressed the Austrian Post, who put them to practice on October 1st 1869, resulting in the Correspondenz-Karte, a light-brown 8.5x12cm rectangle with space for the address on the front, and room for a short message on the back. The postcard featured an imprinted 2 Kreuzer stamp on top right corner, costing half the price of a normal letter.

The postcard was born!" (History of the Postcard

For those of us in the snail mail, Postcrossing, postal-loving world, today is an occasion. A theme is chosen. This year's is Postal Hug. "Hugs on postcards, miles away yet close to heart." ( A contest is held to choose the official image which is then shared for free for anyone to use.

And so, today, I stand with others in the world and celebrate the humble postcard by sending postal hugs. Here's hoping your mailbox will soon feel warm and fuzzy.

(As often mentioned, if you would like a postcard from me - it won't be this image, I would be happy to send you a postal hug. Message me or leave your address on the contact page.)

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04 oct 2023
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Absolutely need a warm and fuzzy in my mailbox. Unless I hear from you Mr. Mailbox is just filled with dust! And in case I didn't publish this correctly, this is LH

Me gusta
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